Surgical Table Accessories

From armboards to restraint straps, Skytron offers a full menu of accessories to outfit your Skytron surgical table. Each accessory offers full replacement part support and reliable performance that you can always count on. Our accessories are designed and tested to safely integrate with your Skytron table and provide reduced setup times. Browse our full Table Accessory Guide to view our extensive selection of support, general, and table control accessories.


Arm Support

Skytron offers a wide variety of arm support accessories including four unique standard options. Our best-selling arm support, the Premium Armboard, features a cast aluminum and steel construction that will outlast any competitive support. Nurses love our easy-to-use oversized release handle, making it easier than ever to attach or remove. We also offer complete parts support in the unlikely event you’ll need a repair. Consider using the 6-010-58 Softee Strap with any of your armboards. Pads for Skytron armboards are available in 2 through 5-inch sizes.

Learn more about Arm Support here.



Leg Support

Without the demands of outside investors, we do not have to rely on steady service revenue to inflate our financial reports. Instead, we are able to concentrate our efforts on product development and innovation. The result is quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs.

Ortho Trax














Learn more about Leg Support here.


Body Support

Get greater positioning, functionality, and efficiency that covers the spectrum of your clinical needs with our vast selection of accessories and positioning devices. Your operating room will be equipped to handle any procedure safely and reliably when the right accessories are combined with your surgical table.


Learn more about Body Support here.



Whether you need to clamp rounded or flat bar accessories, add a side rail to your various extensions, or upgrade from your old “Clark Socket” style clamps, Skytron has the options to meet your needs.

Learn more about clamps here.


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