Freedom Booms

Equipment, Gases, Power, Lights, and Information All Where You Need It!

The Freedom boom system grew from watching and listening to critical care healthcare teams. We take pride in providing you a boom system that is not only innovative but offers an enhanced design that puts you in complete control during any procedure.






Increased Safety

Freedom means having the ability to act or change without constraint. Our design lowers the risk of trip hazards or damages to the equipment.

Custom to Your Needs

Increased layout options give you the flexibility to get equipment exactly where you need it.

Keep the Focus on the Patient

With Skytron's Sure Set and Active Assist, Freedom Booms are easier to position and will not drift, keeping your attention where it needs to be.


Flexibility to Position What You Need, Where You Need It!


Active Assist

  • No buttons to push and easy to position
  • Grab anywhere and move easily
  • Position the equipment carrier, multiple displays, and lights anywhere without any worry of drifting





Ergon 3 Carrier

  • Impressive capacity with easy access to equipment or utilities
  • Center-aligned carriers reduce rotational footprint by up to 50% and risk of damage or drift
  • Center-aligned carriers: CM, KM, PM, and XM
  • Also available as a vertical utility system: VBM



Stainless Columns

Stainless Columns

  • Saves valuable floor space with ceiling-mounted design
  • Maximum of 18 electrical, data, and communication services
  • Maximum of 10 medical gas outlets
  • Available as fixed or electrically retractable



Smoke-E-Vac Surgical Smoke Plume Evacuator

  • Four layers of filtration and three motor speeds
  • Quiet and easy operation
  • Securely mounts to shelf tracks or below utility column
  • Three-port design accommodates various accessories and tubing sizes without additional adapters


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