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As a healthcare professional, you’re expected to give the best care possible while keeping your patients comfortable. A recessed lighting solution can help you do just that – allowing you to effortlessly direct light exactly where you need it without interfering with the room’s comfortable aesthetics.

Lucina 4 Recessed LED Exam Light

Lucina 4 Recessed LED Exam Light


  • LED light and strobe-guided positioning wand
  • 24" fixture is entirely recessed into the ceiling
  • Adjust the light beam up to a 47° angle
  • Wall control, wand, and stand are required (sold separately)
  • Available in one, two, three or four light configurations



*Please note: Above lights are diagnostic/exam lights and are not intended to be used as a primary surgical luminaire.

Skytron recommends a surgical light (fixed or mobile) to be included in a clinical setting where surgical illumination may be required.


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